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HUDERES empowers villagers to end extreme poverty in North-Western of Tanzania, 120 Kms west of Bukoba municipal, Kagera Region.
We work in rural villages, mobilizing and training community groups to create their own solutions to problems and to bring an end to extreme poverty – Agriculture, Education, Health, Environmental Conservation and Sanitation.

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  P. O'Donovan  21 November 2016 at 05:53 PM

HUDERES is implementing an agri-business project in Kagutu, Ihanda, Kamagambo, Kiruruma and Ndama villages, Katwe villages in Karagwe District, Tanzania.. The activities which has been implemented are:- 
- Formation and identification of farmers groups 
- Selection and training of internal facilitators
- Training of groups on commercial farming
The total of 40 groups with 1,200 small holder farmers were supported. During the training, it was observed that soil productivity has fallen and soil fertility is depleting. This has been caused by excessive use of scarce land available to farmers.
This project aims to rectify the situation through training farmers in production and application of animal manure in farming. 


- Distribute 100 dairy goat to 20 groups by mid 2016.
- Train 600 small holder farmers on domestic animal keeping and application of animal manure in farming by Dec 2016.
- Revolve the offspring to other 600 farmers by Dec 2018 at the rate of 200 goats annual 
- Improve family nutrition and increase milk intake to at least 400 people annually
- Improve soil fertility and increase quantity of agricultural produce by the small holder farmers
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A donation amount of €20.00 was requested for the following needs:

Distribute 100 diary goat to 20 groups by mid 2016 €20.00
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Kayanga , KARAGWE

P. O'Donovan

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