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Charity Fund "Modern Village and Town"

managed by M. Makarenko

About us

Charity fund “Modern Village and City” – is an independent non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan charity organization.

The Foundation aims to promote social and economic development programs by providing charity assistance to those in needs.

Charity fund “Modern Village and City” aims to implement projects aimed at improving the quality of life regarding to where they live – big cities, towns, settlements and villages.

We care about the fate of everyone who turned to us for help; we want to improve the standard of living not only to individual citizens, but also for the whole settlement.

Areas which works Charity fund “Modern Village and City” brings together programs and projects designed to improve the network of medical and rehabilitation institutions, educational institutions, helping people with disabilities. Some projects are aimed at supporting social dialogue on environment, development of physical culture and sports, supporting talented youth, improving the life conditions of the population.


7/12, of/ 5 Sadova str.

M. Makarenko

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