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"Doing Good together at the Technical University of Brunswick" - this is the Braunschweigischer Hochschulbund's motto.

As a friendly society we support the students at the university and the exchange between the TU an the region. We make important projects possible, that the TU wouldn't be able to realize because of administrative or financial reasons.

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We received a payout of €210.11

  Annika K.  10 March 2021 at 09:08 AM

Due to the pandemic, the get-togethers that are usually an integral part of the CSE life cycle have come to an abrupt halt. This informal platform for students to interact with professors, peers, supporters as well as CSE staff is important and has been sorely missed. Students have been reaching out throughout the past, telling us how important these get-togethers are. 

We are hopeful that the measures that have been taken politically as well as on a university-level will result in changes that will allow us to commence with the get-togethers this summer semester. We are hopeful that we can start with the annual BBQ at the end of the summer semester 2021. These donations will help us make the BBQ a success. 

Stay safe and healthy!

Your CSE Team 

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