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Shine on International Trust

managed by B. Stocker

About us

To create a society where the blind are empowered, independent, accepted and treated as equals and live a healthy and social life
There is 900 000 people with disabilities in Zimbabwe according to the now 245 are visual impaired. Now we are asking how they become active citizens of the society. We would like to do pilot projects of training the visually impaired the use of computers in Masvingo, Mutare, Gweru, Bindura and Epworth. These are the communities that have a high population of visually impaired hence we are targeting the areas and also there are central and accessible within different provinces this is in order to access information, do research, be empowered and independent and have privacy. Today’s world has become a technology world and this group is left out so we want to bridge the gap in order for them to have access to such a resource. We believe technology is the bridge between the disabled community and the able bodied. Piloting is more sustainable than institutionalization because we reach out to them in all the four corners of the country. A training program would take a week and once we finish the training we will partner with a community library, school within the area and put a computer with the software so that they could come and have access after we have left and we would have trained the person at this community library or school on the technology so that they can assist after we have left and with availability of funds we would like to get back in the centers every year for refresher training for 3years. During this training we would sessions on communication skills, confidence build etc. skills and tools that would prepare them for the world and become independent and empowered citizens of the society. We believe knowledge is the key to sustain and independence.
Project description
Shine on International Trust is a registered nonprofit organization with a vision of empowering the blind in Zimbabwe. We believe all lives are equal and deserve a chance in life. The project seeks to bridge the gap of accessibility to information, education, jobs and independence through the power of technology.


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