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The Chennai Education Centre

managed by D. Albrecht

About us

About The Chennai Education Centre

The School KFI was founded in 1973 by Shri J.Krishnamurti and has been engaged in questions relating to humane and relevant education. Over the past decade and more, with a band of dedicated and creative teachers, many significant innovations and structural changes have been developed.
It has an educational ambience that is empowering for children and teachers
alike, an atmosphere that encourages enquiry and responsibility. About 350 students and 35 teachers make up the school body. The School is affiliated to the Indian Council for Secondary Education.
Over the years the school has been paying attention to its interfaces with
other schools, society and the world at large. A definition has now been given to this area - it is called Outreach.It means sharing some of the processes and discoveries we have made as a school with those around us. Outreach offers avenues for the school to offer programs to teachers and students from private and Govt. schools, to assist rural schools and communities in improving their situation.
In 2005 it was decided to give formal shape to the school’s endeavours in this area by appointing a coordinator. Since then the rural and urban
dimensions of this area have grown significantly. Projects :
> rural primary model school
> rural nutrition supplement program for children
> small rural interdisciplinary medical clinic
> biogas plant for a new rural educational campus
> ecological sanitation for new rural school campus
> women livelihood projects
more information :
ALM (active learning methodology) film shows the movement in Middle schools which was a collaboration (June 08) between The School and SSA TN


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Chennai, Adyar

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