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Nonprofit Development facility (NpDf)

managed by M. Fernando

About us

NpDf is a registered welfare organization in Sri Lanka. It provides shelter, water and sanitation, income related inputs, technical know-how, and seeds capital for war affected communities in Sri Lanka. It also tries to generate its own funds through the provision of quality services for other non profit organizations in Sri Lanka. To this date, NpDf has supported over 10,000 war affected widows, children, and adults by providing safe water, housing units, latrines, income means, and ability to send their children back to schools. We believe that benefits provided to children and women can make a real difference to post armed conflict families in North and East in Sri Lanka, as they are the most hit and affected segment of communities in these Tamil speaking areas.

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Donations that cannot be used for the project

  (Deleted User)  24 February 2017 at 04:50 PM

Dear donors,
when managers of a project haven't requested a payout over the course of a longer period, the German law and our terms of use provide that we ( gemeinn├╝tzige AG, operator of use the money for our tax-deductible purposes. The same applies to the cancellation of a project, where the manager of the project is unable to realize it.

Therefore we will use these donations for the following purposes

Thanks for your support,

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1149, Kotte Roa, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

M. Fernando

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