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Förderverein Chipunga e.V.

managed by J. Diedrich

About us

GRACE charity has been founded in 2004 by the friends of Bernhard Schwarz in Germany. The charity is located in village of Heimerdingen in the south-west of Germany. Currently 112 members are contributing to the charity. Focus and goal of our help is to improve education, health, and livelihood in the rural region Chipunga in the north of Malawi (southern Africa).

Latest project news

Ausweitung des Projektes

  J. Diedrich  09 March 2024 at 11:52 AM

Liebe Interessierte und Spender.

Wir haben eine weitere Grundschule (Njiri Primary School)  in das Projekt integriert. Dadurch hat sich die Anzahl von bisher 600 Kindern auf 1'400 mehr als verdoppelt.

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