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We're Soup and Socks e.V. - we support people in need in Europe. The main focus currently lies on working together with refugees, but we don't make any exclusions. Therefore we love to include the local communities and create moments of international understanding.

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Wir haben 7.903,34 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Florian H.  21 April 2021 at 06:11 PM

Dear supporters, 
 The donations received over the past several months have been invaluable for enabling Soup & Socks e.V. to continue running the Habibi.Works project through a very difficult period amidst the global corona pandemic.

From March 13th to April 5th, the doors of Habibi.Works were temporarily closed, due to the fact that the region of Ioannina had been declared a "dark red zone". Your team on site used these three weeks to prepare various (exciting!) projects, which will be discussed below. The good news is that Habibi.Works has been open again for a little more than a week now. The bad news is that three days ago, several corona cases were confirmed in the Katsikas refugee camp.

February, March, April: Impressions from Habibi.Works
We are following our appointment system. In order to reduce the risk of a fine for being open, we focus on “essential repairs”, running activities in wood, metal, bikes, IT and Sewing. Moreover, the precious plastic lab Re.Works is being added as a completely new, independent working area and the setting up of the lab will be an important part of our activities in the next weeks (see more below!).

At the moment, people can book an appointment for multiple working areas of their choice on days and times of their preference – as long as it is within the same week. People living in Ioannina or Agia Eleni can book appointments via Facebook messenger or via phone call or messages to a specific phone number we set up. The appointment is marked in the excel sheet that is accessible to the team online. At the time of their appointment, people present the appointment cards they had received, disinfect their hands and enter the building. 

Moreover, during every lockdown we are adding to our experience and our “creative solutions”, finding ways to continue offering at least some activities outdoors and away from our premises. One of the latest of these flexible approaches was the “Ninja Bike Repairs”, within which two Bike facilitators of Habibi.Works meet (in changing outdoor locations) with one person living in the camp at a time, to facilitate simple bike repairs.

Thanks to a growing team, Habibi.Works has been able to offer an increasing number of electronic workshop and repair sessions and sport activities.

Precious Plastic in Habibi.Works - A Thrilling Addition to the Concept!
One of the most exciting projects in the past few weeks was the beginning of the collaboration with the young organisation "Not For Your Distinction". Louis and Laura from Germany are experts when it comes to recycling and part of the "Precious Plastic" movement. Within the Precious Plastic Workshops, plastic waste is collected, cleaned, shredded, processed and turned into pretty impressive new products. And thanks to the collaboration with "Not For Your Distinction", Habibi.Works will be setting up its own plastic laboratory these weeks. The name for this completely new work area is Re.Works. Below you can see some examples of the products created (for now we used a photo of Precious Plastic Cyprus, because Re.Works is still under construction - but we can't wait to share our first recycling products with you!).

For more detail on our activities in the past months, we invite you to take a look at our newsletters for the months of  December, January and April. 

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