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About us

PSF Group is a registered Public Charitable Trust & NGO in India governed by the Public Socities Act of the state of Tamilnadu under a Board of Directors.
Pooja seva foundation is a Chennai based registered non-profit organization and expert in providing emergency relief and rehabilitation services in India. As a disaster relief agency, we help people to survive and rebuild their lives through our food, medical, education, shelter and livelihood programs. Our most recent intervention in Andhra Pradesh & Uttarakhand has impacted thousands of lives.

We are committed to undertaking various programs and activities for Children, Youth, Men, Women, Old age and other marginalized segments of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, age, sex, color, and religion, in rural, urban and tribal areas, and resettlement colonies/J.J. clusters, to realize the ideals and objectives of the constitution of India in order to protect, promote and advocate human rights.

We will also work for the social, economic and educational upliftment of these groups and develop and conduct related training and orientation activities. Our earnings are re-invested in building capacities for creating a firm foundation of leadership critical mass within the broader socio-economic, local, national and global context.

We will attempt a skillful synthesis between tradition and folk forms of communication on one hand and the modern audio-visual media including satellite, wireless communications on the other hand. We will also coordinate & impart training in the relevant skills (including entrepreneurship) to artisans’ and farmers’ children, and help them in setting up self-employment ventures in the North-east, or to upgrade their current tools & techniques–including access to e-commerce.


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