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Equal Education Equal Examines, Equal Opportunity

managed by n. atsu

About us

There are about 74% of School children who in don't have even classroom or proper roofing classroom, chairs and table, Some don't attend class during raining season. What about other regions of Ghana, Northern, Volta, Western etc

The most DANGEROUS part of it is, they write the same examine paper.
So poor are getting poorer and rich are advancing, getting highly paid job, traveling etc

Our main target are Rural areas (Villages)
Providing Classrooms, learning materials, teachers if possible.

We will need more people.

Our Biggest challenge are, Support
This will benefit the whole Ghana, parents, Children and Government as well.

These donation will bring better education, Provide Learning Materials, relief parents, provide employment, Reduce and support Government budget allocation for Education, help pupil compete with urban school children.


Hse no 1100 sevice plot d.t.d comm. 17

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