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Child Aid Foundation ( CAF)

managed by N. Wassan

About us

Child Aid Foundation is a registered non Governmental organization that works to support street children orphans and single parent children in education and health care in Ghana. CAF was established in 2007 and we are currently taking care of sixty children at our center. Our children are staying with their guardians and report for tuition everyday, we provide them with lunch everyday and some times breakfast. Learning materials are also provided to the and most a times volunteers from Germany and Switzerland gives support for books, pens and pencils and other needed materials. we are fining it very difficult to feed them some times due to luck of funds. We want to base on this site and appeal to individuals, companies and organizations to come to our help to be able to feed these needy children.We are currently having four teachers who teach and one volunteer cook in the organization.



N. Wassan

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