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Dreambig tanzania

managed by Jeff Francis M.

About us

Dream big Tanzania is an organization that was introduced under the core values of giving the unable ones to live a life they deerve.
Having critically studied the actual situation on ground, many boys and girls in Tanzania end up having early marriages,(both) because they have moved a certain step and have had their life a mess.
Some of them come from preferably poor families(not poor as such) but the economic stability of their families is crippling. They then turn to be street kids, thugs,and all that can be associated with idleness.
Dreambig Tanzania thouth it wise to innitiate a telent centre,educational site where these people would be tought to appreciate the works of their hands.(talents) .As well using the insufficient resources, we would be able to push them a step a head
Sometimes they are talented in football, dancing,singing(name it)
There fore my appeal is one; together , we would make people's futures bright. This cuts across aspects of sacrifice as well as donating from the little we have to help in all ways possible.
There are hundreds of African kids on streets, villages doing nothing other than crime; Keeping then to dependance on their own talents would work out the very best for their lives and future at large.



Jeff Francis M.

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