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New Mewar Sanstha

managed by Sunita B.

About us

New Mewar Sanstha is an registered Indian NGO under act 28, 1958, it’s a source to initiate the projects that will make a significant impact on the lives of the individuals of the Mewar region. Inspite of being a charitable trust working on limited non profit organization donations, its vision and efforts are appreciated by the various Government agencies and renowned development foundations. Education is a powerful means to forge our own identity in the society. But due to the neglected surroundings and poverty, most of the children in our country do not get the opportunity to step into the school shoes and carry their future on their back in the form of a school bag. At New Mewar Sanstha, managing the education of the poor children is one of the major functions operated by the members of the organizations. We will opene many schools, colleges and vocational training institutions in the state with the facility of the most qualified teachers. - See more at:



Sunita B.

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