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Change the world with your donation


managed by Thomas W.

About us

This Organization is set up with the mind to help the children with Cancers and also their parents to raise funds through donations from people of the country and outside the country.

Who exactly will be benefiting form the donation funds?We have collaborations with hospitals in town,so anytime there is a case of any child with cancers and such child's family can't afford the bills,the hospital will direct such family to contact us and we can attend to the situation base on the recommendation by the hospital,so we elect the families and children in need base on recommendations from the hospitals we are connected with,we will assist them by making payments and taking care of the bills directly to the hospital and directly to other areas where help is needed. In this organization We believe that enough people in this world care about sick children. Your money will go towards helping sick kids obtain the necessary funds to provide adequate medical care. We live in a day and age where insurance will not cover the cost of medical expenses , which leaves parents a tough decision that no parent should ever have to make. Our goal is to help over 10,000 children and their parents in receiving money for proper care. Many parents cannot even afford to travel to out lying medical facilities to be with their kids while they are receiving care. We want to provide them with housing and transportation cost so they will be able to be with them. Every dollar provided will go to changing a cynical world of despair due to turned down insurance claims. Please donate even a dollar because with a million people these children's needs will be met.

€10 will be a community start to raising funds for proper medical care for these children
€20 will provide meals for parents for children receiving care in out sourced cities
€100 will provide a share in the cost of chemo therapy treatments not provided by medical insurance.
€1000 will provide one child's Surgery expenses


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