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managed by O. Kuti

About us

This purpose of this project is to reduce the level of suffering, majorly among the disabled in Nigeria.We do not see disabilities as uselessness.In 2010,this project came into existence to help the disables reach their own goals and also make them useful tools in the society,with over 20 disabled to include 14 deaf and dumb males and 6 females,they undergone training on how they can use cutlasses and hoes for land farming but we have acquired a larger land for farming, therefore, the use of cutlasses and hoes will not be useful any longer because of the size of the acquired land. The trained disabled who are deaf and dumb are going to be trained on how to use tractors for farming to increase the size of the farm harvest so as to take care of other critically disables.

This Organization is Set up by me with the main motives to help the suffering and neglected critically disables persons in the Society who does not have places or people to take care of them,they are still human who can be happy and live like every other human being.