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Help for Dai

managed by C. Ring

About us

The organisation “Help for Dai” is committed for the Dai people who are living in the remotest area in Western Myanmar, Southern Chin State, in Dailand. The Dailand is still remaining in the poorest area in the country Myanmar. There are 180 village in Dailand and live 70000 to 90000 population.

Most of the people are uneducated or 80% of the people are uneducated. The land is slope and no plan area at all. The professional work is jhum cultivation or tran-cultivation year to year shifting in another place. The people are so so poor to provide their children to educate. So that today in the Global planet people are become Global Family and communicated with each others but the Dai people and their children are remaining in uncivilized. So the the purpose of these “Help for Dai” is to promote the Dai area or the Dai people in every aspect to run after the technology world.

In briefly the purpose are;
1. Education for the uneducated children
2.To sponsor the poor students
3.To provide books for the Students
4.To help the homeless
5. To help the hunger and hopeless
6. To do road construction at least for bicycle
7. To build the School building
8. To promote the Dai endanger vernacular
9. To provide water pipe in mostly in the Dai villages
10. To construct the river bridges
As you know, technology is changing quite rapidly. And all over the world people are become global family. But still in the Western Myanmar, Southern Chin State among Dai tribe they are still remaining in uncivilized. The Dailand is far away from the towns to reach and the land is fully Hill area.The Dai villages are 180 in Southern Chin Hill.Now 80% of Dai people are uneducated people. Still a lack of education, communication, Knowledge, and the feeling and the mind of the people are mentally immature. This means that the Dai children are frequently in need to help educational, and other tools necessary to make sure our children have access to the highest possible standards of education. There will always be a need
to invest in new technology for our schools and students.

That’s why I’m working on establishing the Rural Education Foundation. With the help of a solid educational foundation, our local schools will be ensured access to the funds they need to provide students with modern equipment and top notch training materials. We will appreciate for if you want to donate the construction two or three village schools, it will cost for one building $ 50000.

Won’t you consider making a commitment to helping establish and build the Rural Education Foundation? Your initial donation will provide a strong start for the foundation, and gifts in subsequent years will lay the groundwork for funding opportunities for education in our community for the youth of today and tomorrow.

Please give serious thought to contributing to the Rural Education Foundation. All funds contributed to the foundation will be used to support education right here in our community. You may pledge your support using the enclosed reply card, and you may contact with us the email from the profile. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Any support will be highly appreciated by us and the kids from rural area 180 villages, 7000 uneducated children will reach to develop that we provide a service to. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me.