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Flüchtlingsrat Schleswig-Holstein e.V.

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The association bears the name "FLÜCHTLINGSRAT SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN e. V.".
It was founded on 12 October 1991. Its registered office is in Kiel and it is entered in the register of associations at Kiel District Court. The association is recognised as a non-profit organisation. The association sees itself as a state-wide, party-independent and democratic representation of refugees and those who advocate for refugees in Schleswig-Holstein.
The purpose of the Refugee Council is to improve the situation of refugees in Schleswig-Holstein through counselling and information as well as lobbying for equal treatment of all refugees, to publicly advocate for respect for their human dignity, their right to stay and sustainable integration, and to contribute to better social cohesion. More information online:

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  M. Link  27 April 2022 at 04:31 PM

Bleiberechtssicherung von geduldeten Geflüchteten aus politisch und mit Blick auf die Gewaltgefährdungslagen prekären Herkunftsländern durch Beratung und individuelle soziale Nothilfen.

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