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Rationale for starting Gatanga Furaha Children’s Center for Orphans.

GFCC is a center for orphaned and vulnerable Children at the outskirts of Nairobi Kenya. It opened it’s doors to children in 2008. Children join the center at a very desperate point, having given up all hope due to hunger and lack of all other basic needs. Some get very hostile with the world as they would like to be in school well clothed, fed and comfortably sheltered. However, lack of all these puts them in a psychological state that makes them become truants or miss school all together. Society loses out on very brilliant minds.

Poor Children too have valid dreams.(Our success story)

I have served as a high school teacher in the Kenyan Government for 25 years and for those years and since 2008 to date, my observation as founder of GFCC and mentor of the children has made me firmly conclude that children though vulnerable, are quite resilient and hold great dreams for their future and the future of society, if circumstances and environment provide them with the opportunity to dream like all other children in well to do families. Their dreams and efforts most of the times are amazing and the slightest form of intervention causes a turn around in all facets of their lives. I am a first hand witness! With assistance from Go Campaign of California whereby we are able to meet most of GFCC children’s basic needs, most are excelling in Primary School National Exams and even winniing great high school scholarships:one girl is in 3rd year high school having won an Equity Bank’Wings To Fly’ Scholarship. A few others are under other organizations. A good number are in high school and one who lacks academic prowess is in a college excelling in leather technology.

Our dire need.

The main concern however is that the children live in rented premises and move from one place to the other. This is psychologically unhealthy for it affects their sense of belonging. At the same time, we only take care of about 20 children and turn off other very desperate ones in the area due to lack of adequate space and resources. We burn with a desire to purchase our own peace of land and construct a place the children can call home, as well as initiate sustainability programs- something we are not able to do at the limited rented space. The children also wish to take care of their own livestock and tend their crops and harvest like others in regular homes.

We hope to encounter friends and well wishers here who can render a helping hand so we keep alive these children’s and others dreams. A good man is one who is a friend of all living things, said Mahatma Gandhi, how about a man who responds to the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children?

Best wishes!

Keziah Mwaura for

Board of trustees-GFCC


Gatanga Gatura Road

Keziah M.

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