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Ames Flims

managed by B. Gulliver

About us

Ames Films an outreach ministry of Ames United Methodist Church and is producing its second film entitled "Greater." Ames Films is committed to empowering positive life style changes for those suffering with addictions, abuse and social issues of our time while setting a precedent for social revitalization and social change. There not only have to be more positive role models but more importantly a way to reach people where they are at in their time of desperation and suffering. There are a gluttony of socially damaging messages which are simply eroding and endangering society by redefining cultural norms. Could the prevalence of of these messages also be affecting the family unit as well? 63% of youth who have committed or attempted suicide have grown up fatherless. In the next 25 to 30 years there is projected to be 72 million fatherless youth in the U.S. This leads us into our first film "Merchant in The Valley" where positive role model Jackie is a single mom struggling to make ends meet while raising her two teenaged boys. Her oldest son, Eric, seems bent on doing things the wrong way. A local street “merchant”, Trigger, has sold him a bag of synthetic drugs and paraphernalia goods that his mother can’t compete with. “In the valley”, the right way seems wrong sometimes, and the wrong way . . . well, it’s too good to be true.

Ames Films has pledged to fund this project entirely through independent third party donations simply because our administration does not have the resources to do so. So to make this possible we need all of your help. With your help we can make a difference for the greater good and get this message of hope and a future into as many hands as possible. More importantly we are so encouraged by the lives that have already been transformed from our first movie "Merchant in The Valley" at all levels we have been blown away at personal testimonies of lives being changed as a result of hearing the messsage. We are hearing back from people who have in one way or another came in contact with the message of hope and their lives have been changed.

The encouragement we have been receiving has been wonderful. This prompts us to do even greater things in our second movie "Greater."

God's blessings surely will benefit you for your generous gift.
"Greater" Production Team


801 State Street

B. Gulliver

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