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Lakers conservation youth groupkenya

managed by Napoleon w.

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Lakers conservation youth group was registered with the ministry of Gender Youth and culture in 2007.
our main Objective is to empower youth and nurture their talent so that it may help the get employment, keep them busy and reduce poverty among other things. lakers group has a main interest in training screen actors and musicians and helping them succeed in their dreams. with over 70 members, we have former child prostitutes, commercial sex workers and other youth who have been into one vice or another. however we don't have enough resources to keep them hoping and changing their lives as we have been doing this from our own pockets and most of the leaders are jobless and volunteering. we need to ask for sponsors to help us have a music studio which may cost us $ 10,000.00 and or help us make a movie called Dua Mbili which will cost $43,000.00.this may help us with sustainability and help the youth realize their dreams. we welcome also any material support (eg film cameras,boom mic, speakers,equalizers etc)we may send our film script synopsis to any one interested.write to lakersgroup@gmail or

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The youth are the future and tomorrow

  Napoleon w.  31 January 2010 at 08:54 AM

 We are still looking for partners who may be interested in supporting our projects. we are Genuin in what we say here and  we invite any interested person to scrutinize our sincerity. we are recognized by the local government. the youth are looking for someone to lift them from the ground and give them the wings so the can fly. where orpotunities are narrow and no foot hold is provided we will look elswhere for support.........we will look up to you. we invite any small donations for our project.

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