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Lakers conservation youth group

managed by Napoleon w.

About us

Lakers conservation youth group is a group of youth in Kisumu kenya who are promoting youth talent amongst its members and any youth who may be interested in order to create employment and to keep the youth busy so as not to get into wrong activities such as drug abuse and crime. it is the most active group with a large membership in kisumu.most of the members have come because of the interest of getting exposed to movie acting and it is this that we have decided to use in order to change their lifestyles and to inspire them use their talents for employment in the face of serious lack of employment among the youth and widespread poverty. we have amongst us child prostitutes,some commercial workers who are looking for something that can change their lifestyle, some former criminals and just jobles youth.
we have however encountered some challenges as we have not had a sponsor for our projects.some youth are almost giving up because its taking so long even after they have become good actor,dancers and so on.
we wish to request for funding so that we may have a music studio so that they can record for free after trainning. The total cost in summery would be $10,000 for setting up the studio and paying a one year rent.
The other project that may help us move is a production of a film which we started and never finnished called Dua mbili.The filme is about child prostitution and how gullible tourists sometimes get Hiv infections when they come to kenya. we believe that if we did it we may be able to generate sustainability. we need $43,000 for this film to be finnished and be released into the market. we also request for any one to sponsor the designing of our website whis is already hosted it scosts only $ 300. any one interested may ask for details of the budgets through, kindly read be low is a summery of our profile.


Oginga odinga street

Napoleon w.

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