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Mukono district has a population of 551,000 (2012 estimate) with a growth rate of 2.5% of which 72.62% are rural dwellers and low incomes. Women alone comprising of women 50.2% and male 49.8%. Women are still poor, powerless. They have innovative minds and ideas but what they lack is identification of opportunities, knowledge and financial services and support. 80% of farmers live in rural areas with limited financial services; they have little or nothing at all to invest in agriculture for commercialization.
HIV/AIDS widespread into the community continues to be a major threat towards the development and well-being of different social groups in Mukono, other surrounding districts of the region and Uganda at large of nearly the last 20 years.

The problem of HIV/AIDS and other adverse circumstances are the major development challenges in Mukono District. Many children and their care givers or single handed parents affected or infected by the killer diseases lack social protection, socio-economic empowerment and capacity development. A case for reference on areas with people living with HIV/AIDS but less reached with any development initiatives for is Mukono Municipal, these are where CACI sub office is based and supporting few women living with HIV/AIDS currently trying to bring hope into the lives through small scale income generating activities (IGA).
The level of HIV/AIDS infection rate as reported in orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC) mapping exercise is very high in Mukono District while it is also reported that the highest rate of infection by women is 1.5% higher, therefore indicating that women are the most vulnerable to this pandemic disease.

The above information indicates clearly that women get infected with HIV/AIDS at very early age and therefore are living at high risks of this global threatening killer disease hence putting everybody also at high risk of contracting this pandemic disease further.

The above situation presents us with a great challenge with a need for immediate intervention to address the plight of the women, orphans and vulnerable children, their care givers and people living with HIV/AIDS within the project area.

After creating awareness (sensitizations) on HIV/AIDS prevention to 150 households of PLHIV and the community in Mukono municipality through home visit; CACI would like to address the problem of HIV/AIDS in the community by providing economic empowerment to women and men infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Mukono municipality through a diversity of economic Income Generating Activities (IGA) including:
- Business skill training = 5600€
- Tailoring skills= 6300€
- Savings and loans = 8700€
- Poultry = 7200€
- Piggery = 9800€
- Market research and access = 1400€
- Project administration = 2600€

Change African Child International - CACI needs 41,600€ donations from well-wishers around the world in order to make this project a reality.

Many thanks for supporting this project which is looking forward changing needy people's lives.




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