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Fairland Foundation

managed by S. Wakabi

About us

Fairland Foundation is an NGO based in Uganda. In partnership with local communities and national or international organizations, Fairland Foundation established in 1998 strives to improve the plight and welfare of the vulnerable.

Fairland Foundation seeks to create communities in Uganda where people dwell better and have access to adequate skills,knowledge, and resources for qualitative living.

Fairland Foundation's mission is to improve the well being of the vulnerable, and most especially the orphans, street children, youth, women, elderly, and the disabled; through activities focusing on education, basic health, economic empowerment, water and sanitation, human rights, construction, and relief.

The main objectives of Fairland Foundation are:

1. To put in place programs, services, and facilities which enhance the quality of life of the vulnerable and most especially the orphans, street children, youth, women, elderly, and the disabled;

2. To equip children, youth, and adults with knowledge and skills for self-improvement.

3. To create awareness of human rights among children youth, and adults; and to provide guidance in the application of these rights to facilitate social and economic advancement;

4. To teach communities about better health practices,and how to avoid preventable diseases such as malaria, TB, AIDS, polio, diphtheria, and cholera;

5. To teach communities about good hygiene and to assist in the construction of affordable housing, schools, etc.; and

6. To assist in the construction and maintenance of safe water- supply and sanitation facilities.


Kayunga Road, Nakabago Drive

S. Wakabi

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