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Wachara Youth Polytechnic

managed by F. Ochieng Ojuang

About us

We are in dire need of facility/infrustructure improvement. The one we currently have that houses classrooms, office and store cannot have all the departments running at the same time.
The cuurrent student population are more than the available facilities eg.
1. Computers; we only have one shared by all the 54No. Students.
2. Workshops; We have classes turned into workshops thus we are in need of three workshops and a computer lab.
3. A used vehicle/ new to be used for practical for students undertaking motor vehicle mechanics.
4. Adminstration Block
5. Hostels
5. Sewing machines
7. 20 Computers
8. wood working machines

This is to name but a few. The first three items are needed almostb emmediately for january is about and the last three.

Thanks for empathising with me for the situation is worse and we have started receiving students for january.
KIndly join us in helping this young Kenyans who are the future leaders.


Ulalo- Wachara

F. Ochieng Ojuang

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