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About us

Africare Kiel ( Germany ), is an International, non-profit charity, non -governmental organization dedicated to humanity. Created since the year 2002. Our Headoffice is based in the City of Kiel in northern Germany.
Our aim is to bring help and support to better the lifes and life quality, also focusing our attention on those people hard to reach in remote villages and local communities in Africa, regardless of Ethnic, political or religious affiliations.
Giving financial assistants to the poor and disable in rural and remote areas.
Relieving poverty and disease, helping the needy in Local communities and Villages.
Helping in education and Training of the poor , socially backward and disabled.
Our Projects are based mostly in remote parts of Villages and Local communities, where the people are still living, in most cases with out electricity, clean drinking water and no medial care.
To make our Appeals and on-going Projects successful, we rely on Volunteers to come forward to help us, mostly materially and if material help seems at the Moment not possible, then we do also welcome financial help. Join us to help the needy, underprivileged, the seek and poor across the world and Local areas in Africa in particular. Your help and asistence is going to make a difference.
Please visit out Website to see how far we are already with our Humanitarian activities. Our Website is We are asking for your support in any area you wish, material and or financial to assist us to continue helping the needy and crying people in Africa.
Africare-Kiel ( Germany ) would like to hear or read from you as soon as possible.
Please you should support us in this project and also forward this our Appeal to your partners, Business friends and people you know. This will be of great help to our project in Africa.


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