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Taha Schul Projekt e.V.

managed by F. Wenzl

About us

Though Ghana is compared to other African states a relatively stable country, there are still many areas, which are badly underdeveloped. Lacking drinking water, no electricity and more than all the lack of education gives young people no perspectives of a better life.
A good example which shows all these mentioned deficites is Ghbalahi in the Taha district. In Taha there is only a primary school but there are no secondary schools in the whole district. The closest would be in Tamale which is a two hours foodwalk away. It is no wonder that no child wants to take such a endurable journey every day. This is why the vicious circle of underdevelopment continues.

And this is the point where we want to start. Our aim is to build a secondary high school in Ghbalahi. To achieve this aim the "Taha-Schul-Projekt e.V." was founded in 2014. The first big step will be to construct a school which provides room for 300 to 400 students. After this we will continue to support the school with learning materials and we hope to add more blocks, so that every child in the region can be tought.


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