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Havilla childrens centre

managed by Barnabas M.

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About us

Havilla was started in 2008 in the biggest slums in Africa located in Kenya. There is a lot of poverty in the slums. Joblessness makes people get involved in prostitution, and sale of drugs .This has in the resent years resulted to high spread of HIV aids and it has become a disaster. Some children are total orphaned and cannot continue going to school. There are so many children around the slums who don’t get 3 meals a day and survive with one meal. There is no enough support to the children to get education.The number continues to increase every day. In Kenya public schools are fewer than children You will find a class of 80 children being handled by one teacher So at the end of the day the quality of education is low. Its due to this reason that a group of 3 volunteers committed to help few children get into school. Havilla was started by few volunteers to care for the needy children. It was started in 2008 and now it has 5 classes with 200 plus children .There is Baby class,Nursery,and Pre unit classes, and class 1 and class 2.
The Education system in Kenya is -3 yrs kindergarten, -8 years primary -4 years High school -4 years university. Havilla Children Centre offers Kindergarten education and since last year we are now in primary school. The school needs extra classes to be able to take care of both Kindergarten and Primary school and not in a rented facility because the expense is too high on rent.
The school is a registered Charity. It provides breakfast and lunch to all the children.Everything comes from well-wishers.Childrens come to the Centre in the morning at 8 am and stay until 4 p.m when they go home to their guardians .We have also volunteer teachers who help in teaching the children.We normally recruit volunteers from all over the world to volunteer with our school.Volunteers help in cooking for the children, home visits,washing,sports,photos/filming, social workers,teaching, etc.
School needs are;
-Stationary and
sporty equipments.
-Teachers pay.
-Rent for the facility.

Programs At Havilla.
There are 5 classes for children from 3 – 7 years old. The lessons follow the Kenyan national curriculum and children obtain a certificate at the end of their studies. All fulltime teachers have undergone full training from approved teacher training institutions in Kenya: Additionally, the teachers receive training in dealing with HIV infected children.Havilla mission is to equip every child with high quality and affordable education.
We provide breakfast and lunch to all children at the centre.
Children often do not receive healthcare and HCC assures that this is undertaken on a regular basis. It important to assure de-worming tablets for all children, HIV medicine for those who need it, regular check-ups and above all funds for specific medical assistance that parents could not otherwise afford.
It provides breakfast and lunch to all the children. Everything comes from well-wishers.Childrens come to the Centre in the morning at 8 am and stay until 4 p.m when they go home to their guardians.
We have also volunteer teachers who help in teaching the children .
We recruit volunteers volunteers from all over the world to volunteer with our school.
Volunteers help in
-Cooking for the children,
-Home visits,
-Medical volunteers
-Social workers etc.
Conduct us ;
Skype: barkimutua
Tel: +254 721 528 729/ +254 724 518 658
FB Page:

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  Barnabas M.  08 July 2015 at 03:57 PM

The Funds will be used to buy food stuff as listed on the request to support Havilla childrens centre.

Havilla children centre is a charity which works to support children from the slums to get Education,food and clothing.We provide children with breakfast and lunch and education at the centre.

All the childres are 125.Boys and girls.

Our website is 


Skype: barkimutua

A donation amount of €620.00 was requested for the following needs:

Rice €180.00Charcoat €150.00Beans €120.00Green grams €140.00Cooking Oil €30.00
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