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Proposal for Girls & Boys Home to Accommodate
67 Children


1. Cover Letter

2. Project Overview

3. The Need

4. Organization Background

5. Prayer

6. Evangelism

7. Project Detail

8. Conclusion

9. Reporting Documents or Copies that need to be

1. Cover Letter

Dear Most Respected in Christ,
Holy Greetings to you from my church, Elina Orphanage & Old Age Home Ministries and Out Reach Gospel Ministries here.

I am here by submitting my Project Report for the Orphanage providing shelter and food and education of 67 children out of which 33 girls and 34 boys under the age of 03 to 15 years and under special consideration of the plight of life. God inspired me to take pity on them specifically for each child when I pray to God specifically for every child on his or her name.

I am Founder & President of this above said Societies which covers an area of 11 villages in surroundings, finds the most needful orphan or semi orphan child and humbly prays to God for His grace through his people like you to support with a monthly vise aid for each pitiable child presently under my notice and care. Through day centres, I am providing one meal a day for each child now with my efforts with the local Government here but they need other basic needs as well for which I entreat for your granting of Budget for the organization regular care in an order for each child which is required basically for every child. I collected these children in May of 2006 and started taking care of them and since then they are under care with the local donations and offerings of believers. I am trying to nourish their lives to the best of my efforts. I have till now no other source of help, funds from any mission or any charitable foundation. God Jesus shows me your door of help to the weak and miserable lives and I am humbly appealing to you for your grant of funds supporting the proposed orphanage.

Detailed Description of the Project

To make these streets fated children receive shelter and regular food and education and become good citizens and angels of God in their future.

Till school final course the orphans shall continue to live on orphanage. It means till the attaining of age of 14 to 15 years. The orphans live on the orphanage and then leave them into the world with a blessing and allowing other children under the age group to get benefit from the orphanage.

We see and take special and intensive care for every child shall get pass from each class and promote to further studies up to school final. We try our best efforts so that every child shall get qualified school final course in the public (Government conducted) exams.

We grow up these children in fear of God and with knowledge of Bible stories so that the kind of humanity and love for others shall grow up in their hearts and when they are able to stand upon their own legs. They shall be useful to other pitiable sorrowful children lost over in the society.

Setting up of Orphanage:
Shall be provided by my own society with place of accommodation and the local donations and offerings of the Society with bath and latrine facilities and also utensils for cooking, stove etc.

Regional Situation
We are the downtrodden or suppressed scheduled caste people. Hence, I am as a Pastor and Social Activist well acquired with the situations here and have been interacting with this kind of people when and where overwhelming troubles, agitations, conflicts arise.

Justification of the need of the Project

Parents do not generally educate their children they try to satisfy their everyday life and not sparing anything for their children. They send their children for assistant drudgery works even from childhood as one parent or both parents happen to die owing to the misfate. The children born with a hope is practically drying out on the streets with begging or doing servant hood works even from childhood.

I shall send you a Detailed Estimation of the Budget and my part of investment for infrastructure and basical ground which shall be deducted from the requested fund for the maintenance of orphanage in two divided or separate sections for Boys & Girls. Be please to consider for our humble services aimed to bring and add to the glory and honour of God Jesus.

Importantly I am with tears of my eyes imploring to God Jesus for the providence of orphanage children and for the Old Age poor destitute women and also blind people on my gospel area. Kindly pray for their hunger and helplessness and for proper shelter. I am a poor pastor can only pray for them to God so much with all my heart and soul. I have no any financial background or any funds from any mission. Hence, I am not resourceful; except with the prayers and hand out donations of local believers for caring for those destitute. Hence, I am very humbly requesting you to have a pity and kindness on the plight or sorrowful situation of the wayward orphan children who while away their life upon the dust of the roads and also for the out cries of appeals to God by the Old Age poor women destitute and send your helps, donations or funds for helping out the said miserable lives. Hence, and hereby I humbly and prayerfully on the kneels praying to God and make a request to you to send your support for my ministry services towards the care for the Orphans, Old age Poor women destitute, blind, mentally and for lepers.

Always praying for you, do kindly give me a kind response.

Yours in His Services

Esther Rani G.
Founder & President

Registered office, details of the Organization
Registered office:
H.No.11-35, Old Christian Peta
Dommeru – 534350, Kovvuru Mandalam
West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
South India
Established Year: 2004
Registered In: 2006
Registration No: 151/2006
Registered Under: Societies of A.P. Registration
Act Office address:
Esther Rani
H.No.81, Luther giri, Sri Ram Nagar Colony,
East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
South India,
Our Phone Nos:
+ 91 9652730151 + 91 7382153507
Website: is under construction stage

2. Project Overview

In spite of planned development and special provision for accelerated socio-economic development of neglected/disadvantaged sections, the issue of orphan, semi orphan and street children is not properly addressed. In our project area many Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street Children are found. The problem of orphan / street children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Due to the Deaths of HIV/AIDS affected persons, Re-marriage of Deserted / Widowed / Divorce women, Absence of love and security in the families, Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking / Sexually exploited girls; these orphan and street children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti social, criminal activities. Therefore, we envisage mainstreaming these children in the national building by providing care, support and protection in our ELINA ORPHANAGE & OLDAGE HOME. The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the orphan children home.

3. The Need

Basic Needs of an Orphan:
The basic structure of sheltering is provided by me (till now this arrangement is not established. I am taking care of these children to my best capacity to plead with Government official to grant one meal a day through Day Care Centres and all other helping is not regulated but depended by the grace of God only).
 As the requirement of good shelter is provided I need to depend upon budget for the given below provisions.

 Every child shall have a morning breakfast – a mid-day meal and a cup of milk in the evening and supper in the evening.

 Every child must have cosmetics such as:
 Soap, Toothbrush and Paste, Towels, Bathroom Chappals, Hair Oil etc.

I can provide free education in Government Schools, but books, stationery, boots; bags and tuition shall be borne from our Budget.

Check-up once for three months necessary and confirm their health statement as they are with a case history of their diseased parents. Also First Aid shall be provided to them and all the children claim to be guarded for their right to life under fundamental rights of the constitution of India and I shall have to join them in Government Hospitals in case of serious ailments.

Separate accommodation is necessary for boys and girls at a distant place and watchmen, peons have to attend to certain requirements all of which costs or salaries must be borne by our Society.

The electrical bills and water bills shall also be met with the office of the orphanage by our Society.

In the total basical requirements of the orphans it requires monthly a minimum of 15 US $ (Seventeen US Dollars) for each children per a month. As the number of orphans are 67. The costs can be reduced to 15 dollar otherwise, if the number is less, the cost shall show up higher. However as I have been taking care of these 67 children as a whole. I do not opt to reduce the number by dropping out I earnestly pray to God that every child is considerable enough and the word of promise made through prayer shall not be taken back. Hence, I want to look after all the 67 orphans at the rate of 15 US $ support at minimum for a child for a month.

A detailed Budget sheet is attached. Annually the Budget requires from you is approx. US $ 32,916.00 or in India Rupees 15,47,040.00 (Fifteen lakhs forty seven thousand and forty hundred only).

Hence, the establishment of providing accommodating place and thatched roof shelter in two divisions for boys and girls separately and for providing separate bath and latrine shall be borne by my society which can be met with the help of local donation and offerings of believers of my church.

As for I am a Founder & President concerned to it all the costs of establishment and providing utensils, stove and for accessing the water and electrical facilities shall be borne by me through a local support to this specified project.

It is for our service activity towards one of our aims and objectives of our society for bringing justice to a part of humanity for the sake of human progress and happiness.

It is a non-profiteering organized society with dedicated voluntary services towards our project of this which is specified.

We shall work so honestly and send you all reports, bills, vouchers; photos regularly including yearly once audit report. We shall fulfil our moral duties to the mark of your satisfaction and in all sincerity before God for His Holy Blessings.

We shall always pray to God for you and your mission / foundation.

Awaiting your kind reply.

4. Organization Background

History it is all put up in my mission report:
History of India replete with the examples of suffered Christian Communities in the past. Because they are belonging to the lowest poor people category and are painted with a title of untouchables as for Hinduism. We belong to those suppressed classes and the poorest and hence became victims, the scope goats etc.

Being inspired with this tragically experiences, I am as young motivated myself to serve the poor Christians with commitment and dedication of God. So I started a Volunteer Service Organization in the Year 2004 and try my best efforts to organize it. By the grace and leading of His Spirit, I founded this organization in the year 2006 and got it registered in the act of Registration of Societies, Andhra Pradesh, India Regd.No.151/2006. Since there I published donation books, voucher books and Ledger, expenditures books etc. and regularly from time to time conducting the Executive Board

Meetings and according to Bye-laws, conducting General Elections for the Committee for every four years and running this organization. It is a non-profiteering but a voluntary organization with certain Aims and Goals. We are always striving our best to distribute charities, to give free medicines to provide used clothes for the poor and in times of calamities, serving food to the suffering victims and also to the starving orphans and old age poor destitute etc. on these grounds and in the light of our services already done to the poor and needy, I hereby humbly make a requestful appeal to you.

5. Prayer

We do pray to God so ardently and with commitment to do His services for all common and also specific items. This particular Project is one of my goals and aims. Besides I and all our society do dedicate to God to do His services in all aspects that can bring glory to God Jesus.

6. Evangelism

My Evangelism shall always go till the end of my breath and against any odds and hurdles that may confront us in the way. The Project shall be worked out to produce and also to reproduce great results for God Jesus though in a specified time or ongoing time. The other Projects can be taken up by us for the good of poor Christians that shall be appealed to you after the first or present Project be completed. We shall put on all our volunteer services towards carrying up the first Proposed Project and show to you the wonderful harvest.

7. Project Detail

Time Table:
For a minimum of 6 months to 2 years.

For Orphanage Project we initially aim for 5 years duration for minimum and ultimately for 10 years duration to make an assessment or evaluation of the services we rendered and reaping the results for the Glory of God. We then again take a good productivity for God’s services.

We have establishment but not founded upon financial securement. Provided we are given an opportunity of your cooperation by sending funds to us we shall make a permanent good building and run the orphanage with all good standards.

My Project is standing to make appeal to you. Except you as I do not know any other mission or organizations. A part of the total costs shall be borne by our Society but for well organized orphanage, we depend upon you.


The matrix is one of our own aims & goals which shall be subjected by us through our persistent efforts to improve and reproductive of many matrixes. We cannot be replica. This Project does exhibit good stewardship. It shall be catalytic.


I shall send you are itemised budget for my present Orphanage Project with Detailed Estimation. For the present I am enclosing only an Abstract Budget. And I depend upon the Grace of God and His Spirits inspiration to you for granting funding to me. I have no other sources for supporting any finance to my Orphanage Ministry.

8. Conclusion

This Project can be a strategic resourcefulness to wipe out the tears of many wasting away lives and bring them into provided for social connectivity through prayers, love and Grace of Jesus Christ. I do humbly mean it for a sustainable Project and not viable. I am not concerned with other organisations. May be many other are acting through a similar work only God and His living Book records who really and honestly working to do services as for our Lord the saviours words. Our organization is connected to our local church of “Bethania Church at Konthamuru Village of Rajahmundry Mandal, East Godavari District. It is to the aim of establishing church planting services till today it is self-standing on independent church. We exhibit good stewardship for the proposed project.

The distinctivties of the Project, do exhibit stewardship of God services. We have a personal assessment or practical anticipation of good results through our Project services. Our distinctive features of the Projects is to offer a good disciplined or organized body of boys and girls with dedicated services towards His Kingdom to come upon earth. We are sure of achieving good fruitful results. Finally it is catalytic one. It is all subjected and aimed at changes towards good and brilliant results. Always give and receive an ongoing process of modifying, adding, removing the false and fake and improving in co-accordance with the World progress. It is always back grounded by us to improve but never stay on its old history.

Kindly do pray to God for our persistent efforts to raise up our Christian Community to a better growth in Indian Society.

Latest project news

Please pray for her medical treatment (photograph attached). There are many children with such sad stories. Please pray for all of them to grow strong in the Lord!

  (Deleted User)  06 August 2015 at 04:40 PM

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One mother came to my orphanage and brought her mentally disable daughter for admission. Her alcoholic husband was died. Now she is under my care. Please pray for her medical treatment (photograph attached). There are many children with such sad stories. Please pray for all of them to grow strong in the Lord!

Always be obedient and praying for you.

Awaiting your kind reply

Yours in His Services


Esther Rani


H.No.11-34, Old Christian Pet, Dommeru-534350

Kovvuru Mandalam, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, South India

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