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Art Outreach Project

managed by R. Willemse

About us

Art Outreach Project to support the children of Capricron primary school in Vrygrond. Trough art we stimulate self development, inspire children, give love to the them and help them find their own uniques and individual potential that they can use for there future career.
The children who live in Vrygrond, don’t have a lot of trust, in the world, in others, in there selves. Through art the children learn to know a lot about art history, materials and techniques. Things that are normally not available in the townships. Besides that, the children learn to explore their emotions, tell others where they are going trough and share their experiences. The Butterfly Art Project, give the children the much needed safe space. The children can be there selves and explore who they want to be.


115 Vrygrond Avenue
South Africa

R. Willemse

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