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Geylang Adventures

managed by Geylang A.

About us

Geylang Adventures was started for the purpose of exhibiting the not so commonly known/seen side of Geylang as a cultural and food enclave in the business of whoring.

It had hoped to overthrow the belief that Singapore is a boring and sanitized state; that an adventure awaits in every neighbourhood for those who seek it. However, we have since acknowledged that Geylang is popular on an entirely higher level, which might be a result of its late night treasure trove of good food or its legalized prostitution.

Since our conception, we have directed our focus on the different societal dimensions of Geylang, adopting a spontaneous approach of showing love to the people in this area with real actions. We hope to inspire and advocate the belief of loving thy neighbour, sharing and looking out for others and inducing a bottom up change.

We believe Geylang Adventures to be a platform for bottom-up initiative in changing social norms and perception. This is done through a pop-up of social initiatives involving ordinary Singaporeans, doing work in extraordinary ways. As with all initiatives, we believe the intended outcome is not to change the lives of the disadvantaged in big ways, but to alter public perception towards the challenges of being nice, that underneath the layers of everyone we are only human.



Geylang A.

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