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Hakizetu Organization

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About us

Hakizetu Organization

Who we are?
Hakizetu Organization was registered in Tanzania in April 2016 under a non-governmental as a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-religious and not for-profit making organization with a headquarters in Nyamanoro Street, Ilemela district, Mwanza Tanzania.

Hakizetu is a Swahili word, which literally means ‘Our rights’ in English. Hakizetu was founded by 5 persons; 2 men and 3 women who felt compelled to undertake and implement the goal and objectives under the core values of the organization towards positive action to enhance the youths, young women and girls’ voices to access their universal human rights to equity, equality, justice and safety.

Our Goals
Hakizetu’s overall goal is to contribute to the personal safety, health and social protection of young women and girls towards the prevention of early pregnancies and marriages in Tanzania.

Our Vision
Hakizetu envisage a justice society where human rights and voice of the voiceless young women and girls are heard supported and advocated at local, national and international arenas.
Our Mission
To raise awareness, build capacities, and advocate for changes of attitudes and behaviors that support children, young women and youths’ (girls’) rights, economically, socially, politically and culturally contributing to the national and international declaration on gender equality based on the prevention of Violence against women (VAW) especially early/forced marriages/pregnancy and sexual abuse in Tanzania.
Our Commitments

We are committed to conduct programs that aim to build capacities and raise awareness of community members and other stakeholders including policy makers to be better organized, strengthened and able to take actions to prevent, mitigate violence against women (VAW and girls), early pregnancy and marriage. By provision of literacy sessions based on human rights; gender based violence, young women’s leadership and entrepreneur skills, as well as various youth development programs to deepen self esteem.

Our Operational Area
Hakizetu is legally and authorized to operate within the United Republic of Tanzania. However, the strategic plan 2012-2016 is made to reach the beneficiaries in the Lake Victoria Area basin. Currently our programs are concentrated in the marginalized communities of Mwanza Region.
Program Areas
Our work spins on five programmatic directions:
a) Capacity Building:

Capacity Building of the potential stakeholders (from various groups) on the prevention of Violence against women (VAW) basically on early/forced marriages and pregnancies in order to increase their understanding on the impact VAW and VAC, development for sustainable socio-economic and cultural development. Under this strategic program Hakizetu conduct the following;

i. Empowers community members towards discussing and designing strategies for preventing and eradicating violence against women and early pregnancies amongst girls.
ii. Facilitates an analysis of early marriage & early pregnancy in urban and rural districts of Mwanza region.
iii. Promotes community-led analysis and review of policies and programs focusing on young people’ reproductive and sexual rights in the project districts for the prevention of early marriage and early pregnancy.

b) Community Mobilization and Raising Awareness: amongst community members on the prevention of VAW based on early marriages and pregnancies for a purpose of organizing and strengthening them to take preventive actions and become change markers against the violation of human rights. In this strategic interventions, Hakizetu conduct the following:-

iv. Planning for awareness raising for the prevention and eradication of VAW focusing early marriages and child pregnancies;
v. Awareness raising on the impact of early marriages and child pregnancies;
vi. Building a coalition for like minded organizations working on the prevention of violence against women on early marriages and child pregnancies;
vii. Fostering community-based action against early marriages and child pregnancies;
viii. Monitoring and evaluating initiated community-based initiatives on the prevention of VAW and VAC.

c) Policy Advocacy and Communication: for the prevention of early marriages and pregnancies through strategic influencing for desirable changes in policies, laws and practices which adversely affect young women’s and girls’ rights. In this thematic interventions, Hakizetu strives to:-
i. Educate and engage policy makers, communities and the public to facilitate social change and protection of rights of young women and girls;
ii. Advocate for enabling policies and resources through a right-based approaches to young women and girls;
iii. Support community-based services to tackle gender based violence
iv. Inform and share learning and good policy practices with partner organizations
v. Empower and mobilize vulnerable girls and young women to raise their voices and exercise their rights

d) Legal Aid and Social Counseling programs: for promoting and protecting the rule of law and access to justice; and champion progressive legal rights to marginalized members of the community particularly young women and girls victims of early pregnancies. In this thematic strategy, Hakizetu does the following:-

i. Help the marginalized young women and survivors of VAW and early pregnancies in need of legal aid.
ii. Train/facilitate dialogues on legal and human rights initiatives for a purpose of creating legal awareness in the project areas.
iii. Create a safe environment in which the young women and girls are able to seek help for the mediation and resolution of their issues, at no cost to them.
iv. Increase young women and girls’ awareness of legal issues and building their capacities to openness to improve chances to access to judicial and administrative systems in their communities.
v. Contribute to promoting young women and girls’ rights in the community.

e) Economic Empowerment program: for poverty reduction strategy among the young women and girls, survivors of early marriage and pregnancy on economical rights for accessing full participation into development spheres, including ability to engage into income generating activities amongst other economical challenges, that have contributed to be dependant to men. Hakizetu do the following:-

i. Engaging a number of young women to tailoring training skills.
ii. Provision of innovative skills for production of handmade goods for sale
iii. Facilitate alternatives for returning back to school after delivery.


Nyasaka Street Near Tabasamu School, Ilemela Mwanza Tanzania

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