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managed by L. Manzano Outeiral

About us

Konso-Organic is a Berlin (Germany) and Addis Abeba (Ethiopia) based organisation who aims to boost in the southern regions Ethiopia, specifically in Konso, the local per capita income consolidating at the meantime a sustainable society, preserving the local biosphere and spreading the local ecological know-how.
Konso-Organic and Konso Development Association have officially signed a cooperation agreement October 2015. The local non-profit organisation Konso Development Association (KDA) is linked to other national organisations raising funds and working for the development of Konso province in projects such as the so called: “Afforestation for sustainable Natural Resource Management and Livehood Development in Konso”. This project hold in four nurseries in the province, have planted millions of trees that have been given to local farmers for their own self-efficiency.
Konso-Organic is proud to be one of the lasts KDA’s partners. Both entities will jointly integrate short and long term plans that will ensure Konso community’s benefit from contributions provided on areas such as in organising moringa producer cooperatives, establishing other local farming cooperatives or promoting local ecotourism. Job creating for women remains the major action camp for both entities in addition to increasing live hood and food security not only in the woreda (Konso province) but also national wide. Because Konso is organic and Konso-Organic is fair.

Latest project news

I triggered a payout for these needs:

  L. Manzano Outeiral  26 April 2016 at 02:40 PM

The cargo bikes are being built by some partners in Ethiopia. Those cargo bikes will be the working vehicle for wome working in the moringa storaged room which is going to be built soon in konso. The contributors will get more information about the arrival of the bikes and the evolution of the construction of the moringa warehouse. 

A donation amount of €224.00 was requested for the following needs:

Tricycle Cargo bikes €224.00
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