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Theater for Personal Growth

managed by T. Maya

About us

Thousands of people worldwide are convinced about the extremely positive aspects of the Galli Method® and have applied it in personal development, as a healing process, increasing communication in professional and personal life, and boosting creativity. It has also been found effective for weight loss, increasing wellness, and tackling today’s issues such as fear, depression, trauma and addiction.

The Galli Group is committed to ensure a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere through their classes and plays to ensure that everyone enjoys, grows and learns.

Johannes Galli has received numerous awards for his work. In Germany, he received a New Play Award for Best Contemporary Playwright.
The Ministry of Education in Stockholm granted him the Award for Intercultural Learning. AMECAP organization in Mexico City presented him the Youth Development Award for his outstanding work with street youth and the Peruvian Red Cross presented him with the Peacekeeping Award for his aid project for earthquake survivors.

Galli Theater - Theater for Personal Growth is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and supports underprivileged children in NYC with their programs.


38 W38 street, 3rd floor

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