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A project incurred through the experiences of the organization's chief executive Tobias Schüssler and his sympathy for people living in extreme poverty in the Philippines and Indonesia. This led to the founding of the registered association "Global Micro Initiative" with headquarters in Hösbach, Germany.

Together with our local partner, we have been able to extend our help to the people in Olongapo, Philippines since fall 2014. Since July 2015, we are also active in Denpasar, Indonesia. We are offering micro loans (between 5 and 500€) and consulting to poor people that are used for starting their own small enterprise or for expanding an existing one. The goal is to empower people to independently take care of their families. Loans are only given for business purposes so that repayment is possible and allows us to reuse the capital to help people in the long term.
We are counseling and advising participants individually and offer training programs in order for them to improve their skills and enable them to celebrate their own successes.

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Wir haben 97,50 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Schwierz  04 March 2020 at 05:15 PM

Unsere philippinische Partnerorganisation Project Life Subic durfte vor einigen Wochen weitere zehn Frauen und einen Mann zu ihrem Ausbildungsprogramm zur/m industriellen Näher/in begrüßen. Die Erfolge der bisherigen Ausbildungen lassen sich dadurch kennzeichnen, dass viele der jetzigen Auszubildenden durch ehemalige Teilnehmer auf das Programm aufmerksam gemacht wurden. 

Vielen Dank an alle Spender, die es uns ermöglichen neue Zukunftsperspektiven auf den Philippinen zu ermöglichen! 

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