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Teaching@Biak-Utara is a Local Community Learning Centre based in the district of Biak Utara on the island of Biak in Papua Indonesia.

We provide life skills intervention programs that serve our community members with a special focus on women, children and young adults through education programs and access to mini facilities. Currently our program includes the following activities:

- A training of computer skills;
- A training of basic English language;
- A computer facility available outside training hours;

We would like to expand our program with the following activities:

- A small library facility with reading and audio-video materials in English;
- A series of film screening in English language.

The objective of our current program is to help low-income women, children and young adults to increase their English and Computer skills which are two of the most common criteria required in Indonesia to better academic achievements and to enter the workforce. By doing this, Teaching@Biak-Utara hopes also to contribute to the reduction of gender and ethnic disparities in the area.

Until now the project has been financially funded by the limited resources of the local church and those of the project coordinator but now we will need more support, financial and in-kind.

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Latest project news

Film Projection about Papua Indonesia

  T. Fabbian  13 January 2010 at 06:09 PM

On Monday, January 11, 2010, Cinema Accattone (Paris, France) will present the film Denias: Senandung di Atas Awan. It is a film based on a true story, about a boy in a remote village of Papua Indonesia, whose learning spirit is so strong that he is willing to take a long, rough journey to go to a school.

 This is an initiative of a small cultural organisation based in Paris called Association franco-indonésienne Pasar Malam that organizes various cultural events to promote Friendship between the French and Indonesian people.

 Association franco-indonésienne Pasar Malam is a small association that is financially limited and therefore can not act as a donor but they still want to support our project in Papua in another way. This is why before the film projection on Monday 11 January; each spectator will receive a brochure that describes the work of our project Teaching@Biak-Utara

 If you have any relatives or friends living in Paris, please do tell them about this film show. And please forward this message to anyone who might be interested.

For more information about the film show please click on the following link

 or contact Association franco-indonésienne Pasar Malam:



  Thank you very much for your support!


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