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VSG Darmstadt 1949 e.V.

managed by W. Scharf

About us

VSG Darmstadt - Association for Sport and Health
Since 67 years we are the largest association for rehabilitation and health sports district Darmstadt-Dieburg.

In more than 20 groups, we offer sport for people with and without disabilities. From heart sports, orthopedic rehabilitation, sport and game for disabled, wheelchair handball to aqua jogging, diving, soccer ID and G.U.T. courses our members have the opportunity to keep their health condition or might even improve it.

In our rehabilitation sports groups everyone can participate even without a membership with an appropriate regulation.

Our offers aiming the fun in moving. In some groups also the team and competitive sport is focused. In all groups and in the management of the association is always the thought of inclusion responsible.

Latest project news

Wir haben 482,56 € Spendengelder erhalten

  M. Bertges  21 April 2021 at 06:13 PM

Die Bedarfe werden für die Wartung und Erneuerung von unserem Equipment benötigt, um weiterhin die Sicherheit des Training zu gewähreisten.

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