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Cheerleaderabteilung des SC Unterbach

managed by Claudia M.

About us

You can not find more passion and heart!
Currently we are 70 girls between 5 and 28 years.
With their own strength, these great girls have qualified for the European Championship and even due to the good score directly to the World Cup!
As a marginal sport, unfortunately, we often simply lack the financial means, as such a participation in the championship is associated with considerable costs. From the cost of costumes to the cost of transport, to transport our children safely to the championship sites, such as waffle baking, hair bow sales and the like. the parents are not covered.
We are grateful for every euro. With your donation, you can fulfill your dream with these children, because you can not do it on your own. With your donation, you can support our project and reward the hard work and diligence of our girls, their dedication and passion!
Of course you can also book us for various events.
Feel free to contact us!
Kiki Hautow
Telephone 0163 4757267

Latest project news

Wir haben 147,98 € Spendengelder erhalten

  Claudia M.  29 April 2020 at 05:33 PM

Vielen Dank,

mit dem Geld werden die Kosten für das Hotel teilweise gedeckt. 

Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit und freuen uns, dass der Eigenanteil dank dieser Spenden wesentlich geringer war, so dass wir den Kindern diese Chance ermöglichen konnten.

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Claudia M.

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