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The Rosetta Foundation

managed by Carina W.

About us

The Rosetta Foundation is a non-profit organisation registered in Ireland promoting equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world.


Relieve poverty, support healthcare, develop education and promote justice through equal access to information and knowledge across the languages of the world.

Company Overview

Access to information is a fundamental and universal human right. It can make the difference between prosperity and poverty, freedom and captivity, life and death. Today, access to information is severely restricted for millions of people who live in developing regions of the world, speak so-called minority languages, or do not have the economic means to pay for information they require.

It’s not that information doesn’t exist at all. Often the major problem is that information doesn’t exist in the language of the recipient. You can help to change that:

The Rosetta Foundation is looking for volunteer translators and proofreaders to help translate materials for non-profit organisations. We are looking for translators of any languages, the more the better.

If you are a professional translator or just interested in translation or providing information in other languages you are welcome to sign up as a volunteer with The Rosetta Foundation.

To offer non-profits and language volunteers access to a platform where they can collaborate, we are in urgent need to develop and maintain a platform of our needs. If you are interested in bringing our translation platform ahead we would be happy to win you over as a volunteer engineer or developer.

All volunteers should try to deal with their incurred duties and responsibilities by the best of their ability and meet their time and duty commitments or to provide adequate notice so that other arrangements can be made.

It maintains the Translation Commons ( matching non-profit translation projects and organisations with the skills and interests of volunteer translators.

The Rosetta Foundation is registered as a charity with the Irish Revenue Commissioners. It is a University of Limerick Campus Company. For more information, visit and; email; or call +35386 785 1749.


Marina House, EastPoint Office Park, Dublin 3, Ireland

Carina W.

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