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Beta Humanitarian Help e.V.

managed by D. Sattler

About us

‚Beta Humanitarian Help’ was founded by Daniel Sattler and is part of his work as plastic surgeon at ‚Beta Klinik Bonn’. The project was started off in the common sense of doctors, nurses and other volunteers to travel the globe to provide plasticsurgical care and humanitarian assistance to people in need.‚Beta Humanitarian Helps’ intention is simple. We offer our services to repair bodies and rebuild lives. We’re a non-profit project spending time and dedication to improve quality of life for people who are disabled as a result of a congenital or acquired medical problem. We do this by recuiting volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and other volunteers serving our project to provide free treatment for people who would otherwise not be able to afford such services.Our purpose is to provide life-changing surgery.´Peru Humanitarian Project 2013’ was the first trip of the friends and plastic surgeons Kai Kaye, Daniel Sattler and Michel Saiveau. In a team of nine volunteer medical professionals they travelled from Europe to Lima and continued their way in the Andes. Their destination was ‚Kausay Wasi Clinic’ located in Coya one hour from Cusco in 2951m (9682 ft) altitude. In seven days the team managed to consult 120 patients and operate on 60 patients to heal them from their disabilities and improve their quality of life.This experience trigged the intention by Daniel Sattler to found ‚Beta HumanitarianHelp’ and raise a fond for the next journey to Nepal in October 2015.‚Beta Humanitarian Help’ changes lives.We combat disability. We implement change. We give opportunity. We build capacity.Daniel Sattler


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