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Save The children Alliance Orpahanage

managed by E. Ngale Ivaan

About us

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
In Cameroon, there are innumerable vulnerable and destitute children from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds who are physically, mentally and sexually exploited and abused and often end up in a hopeless life of poverty and crime.
How will this project solve this problem?

The objective for Save The children Alliance Orphanage (meaning path of action) is to provide these children with a long term, secure environment where they can realize their full potential with a sense of confidence. Also to train and help marginalized youth and rural women generate income to improve the standard of living for the entire family and community as a whole. Our home, is truly of the children, for the children and by the children with adult staff as friends and guides.
Potential Long Term Impact

Our emphasis is given on enabling young adults to become self-reliant. One of our proudest achievements has been that none of our children have gone back to the streets. We have been successful in reuniting about 35 children with their families. The alumni are leading financially independent lives. Some are now paid staff and trainers with us. Most of them still visit, guide and help the children as part of the Save The children Alliance Orphanage family. They often make products, which we market for them.
The Millennium Development Goals rightly focus on the need for Universal Primary Education. However, as governments across the African Region direct their funding priorities towards primary education, where will the finance for post-primary and skills-based education come from?

Meanwhile with labor markets in low-income developing countries typically characterized by a lack of formal sector jobs, self-employment remains an important means of earning a living. How can traditional secondary and vocational education institutions better prepare their students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in this context?

Self-Sufficient Schools provide a possible answer to both questions. This innovative approach, combining entrepreneurship and vocational education, not only increases the relevancy of learning, but through school-based businesses provides both a training ground for students and a means of finance for the school


G.R.A.Grand Bastos

E. Ngale Ivaan

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