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Bucalpo Uganda

managed by Bucalpochildren U.

About us

Bucalpo Uganda was established in 2013 as a community based initiative to support children affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, poverty, abandoned and neglected children in the Uganda rural area of Ntenjeru Sub-county in Mukono District which after the many causes of vulnerability was extended due to many children not going to school and some having no place to stay

Bucalpo Uganda is a children Advocacy and Life Planning organization that believes children can become anything that they have in their childhood dreams if given an opportunity and support throughout with better guidance from resourceful adults, children can become the brighter futures and can change communities into better places to leave in without fear, anger and hunger but cooperation and unity.
Our programs not only help children to overcome these circumstances but gets down to the causes of the frustration into the young children lives. We offer homeless and those children with one in their lives a safe place called home at Bucalpo Children' Home. where they get comfort and counseling and at a later stage taken into our school project Destiny Nursery and Primary school under professional counsellors and educators. The emphasis aims at mentoring children to focus on education and using their spare time in useful play games and early childhood skill development trainings. Children who are left alone with no support from an adult show their suffering right in their eyes and from the words that come out of their mouths. A small organization and a small group of community members committed to help such children to survive:

Bucalpo Uganda currently has 15 full time children (OVCs) and our school project helps 89 orphans and Vulnerable children. With the help of local and international volunteers and supporters, we are so sure we can make a very big difference.
We believe that the work of volunteers and the volunteering spirit will help us build a permanent home for these children and to put up better permanent class Room and sleeping apartments for all the children.

Our Mission is to empower orphans and vulnerable children in the our communities by providing them with a better formal and informal education and giving the early childhood skill development programs to help them build strong minds, and making them a safe place to be active in order to become responsible citizens in their future

Building a self sustainable community where all children have full access all basic needs in life.

The organization offer services in three different ways:
1-An orphanage home for orphans and vulnerable children in this area.
2-A primary school offering education to all children this community and its surrounding who cant afford school fees and distances plus the Orphans and Vulnerable children.
3-Education program though Destiny Community Primary School.

Mission Statement
To empower orphans and vulnerable children in the African communities by encouraging and giving them basic skills to stand as responsible citizens in their future, this is done through supportive development programs which include: Formal and informal education, sheltering, love and care, physical, emotional and physiological support. When they come to the years of responsibility and are called to decide their life services. They will surely be influenced by this great fact. And will come to remember which friends did not manage to pass the ages of difficulty


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