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Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary S.R.L.

managed by N. Brinkmann

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Little project - big heart

As one travel through the world, one often encounters unusual people. People whom other inhabitants of this earth are more important than themselves, people who sacrifice themselves with their limited resources for fellow human beings, for animals, for nature. These people are not in the limelight, have no wealthy influential friends ... They need our support, need volunteers and donations.

Given the immense number of aid projects, it is often hard to choose one to support it. Due to my love for animals, tow years ago I decided upon an animal conservation project in Costa Rica. Working as a volunteer in the "Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary" (Moin, Paradero), I was impressed to see what efforts people with little money make to cocker up and re-release turtles, monkeys, sloths, owls, birds of prey, parrots, toucans, prop ducks and many other tortured, injured and abused animals! Costa Rica's greatest treasure is nature, but as in many other Central and South American countries, the animal and environmental commitment of the Government unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired.

And now even harder times have come ... Now investors have managed to buy up large parts of the coastline in the north of Limon to build "lovely holiday parsk" for wealthy tourists near the beach, where nature is still untouched and the large, endangered sea turtles lay their eggs. Jairo, a committed animal rights activist and co-worker in the service project died for these turtles (! And now the little animal protection park must go. Actually, a handful of people faces the task of bringing the animals in their care in a new small park about 160 kilometers from Limon. Transport costs and costs for the new park have to be raised... A petition has been started to protest against the destruction of nature in Moín, but either way, the animals must be brought to safety. They need our help! Please donate and send a message of support and solidarity!

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I triggered a payout for these needs:

  N. Brinkmann  13 September 2016 at 06:20 PM

Das Geld wird für die Erweiterung des neuen Geländes in Turrucares eingesetzt. Es müssen zudem weitere Käfige gebaut werden. Informationen zum Projekt finden sich auf der Facebook-Seite:

A donation amount of €45.00 was requested for the following needs:

Animal removal costs €45.00
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