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managed by W. Johnson

About us


Hope for the Destitute People’s Foundation – “H.D.P.F” is established for coordination of the activities to help the most disadvantaged groups in rural areas to change themselves their lives.
This organization is established for charitable purposes without the violation and or exclusion of the application of the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

It was founded on 19th May, 2010, firstly known as Centre for Hope to Disadvantaged People – C.H.D.P and later it reviewed its constitution and changed it name on 1st September, 2014 and became “Hope for the Destitute People’s Foundation – H.D.P.F”.

H.D.P.F is registered under Magu District Council (MDC/CBO/481) as a small grassroots non-profit, non-partisan, community-based organization created by people believing in the power of God the Almighty to affect change over every human being and the equality of any human being in front of Him regardless of any aspect.

H.D.P.F vision is being the catalyst for change to destitute women, children and the youth living in rural areas of Tanzania by helping themselves making positive lasting impacts on their lives.

H.D.P.F fundamental mission is to empower the destitute women, children and the youth living in rural areas through education and assistance to live a dignified life and reach their aspirations by changing themselves their social, cultural and economical backgrounds.

The organization was established to undertake the following activities:

Eradicate individual poverty through education, actions and awareness,

Insure access to clean and safe water and reduce the sufferings of women and children in the search of water in the villages,

Provide care and support for the destitute women, children and the youth living with HIV/AIDS as a strategy to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in rural communities,

Support the access to an education for the most rural destitute children and the youth and tackle challenges based on any factor which may hinder in one way or another their access to an education,

Establish and run training centers, programmes and initiatives or educational institutions for the socioeconomic and cultural empowerment of destitute rural women, children and the youth to create an independent society,

Fight against social and economic discrimination based on any factor which affect rural women and children in their fight for self-development and esteem,

Advocate and promote the right to an education for all and equal opportunities for a better life,

Mobilize funds and increase other organizations and people’s awareness on the situation of destitute women, children and the youth living in rural areas and request their hand to change the lives of these groups.

Actually, the foundation is running 5 community projects voluntarily:

Education Promotion for Underprivileged Children,
Early Childhood Education Program,
Single Teenage-Mothers Empowerment Program,
Live Stress Free with HIV/AIDS,
Sports for Disadvantaged Children

The Organization operates and directs its activities in the following thematic areas:
Education for all,
Women and children’s rights promotion and protection,
Poverty alleviation
Water for life
HIV/AIDS prevention and care
Assistance and counseling

The direct beneficiaries of this Organization’s activities in our working areas are but not limited to:

Poor, rural women (illiterate, unwaged, small entrepreneurs and farmers),

Poor, rural children (orphans, child labor, street vendors, scrap metals collectors and those living in critical environment),

Poor, rural youth (illiterate, jobless, small entrepreneurs and farmers)

Poor, rural women, children and the youth living with HIV/AIDS,

Poor, rural women, children and the youth with mental or physical disability,

Poor, rural women and children facing any form of violations against their fundamental human rights

Donate to make a difference! Get involved to create changes!
Donations help us to cover basic needs as well as running current programmes and projects.
Basic needs are those that are recurring on a yearly basis. We have various plans to make our vision come true for these poorest and marginalized rural women, children and the youth we work for.
You can organize a fundraising event to support our work, volunteer with us in our working areas, spread a word for our activities with friends, pray for us, and buy our handcrafts for charity...
Your support will take us to an important step. Feel free to contact us and send your donation to any of our activities, programmes and projects.


P.O. Box 8

W. Johnson

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