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Education is the foremost activity to promote literacy among human being. This requirement needs encouragement from all. Our organisation aims at spreading the message of "education for all" and wishes to entertain every positive measures in eradicating illiteracy and will join hands with everybody who has similar aim in all. In our surrounding our estimated section of masses are uneducated men and women, adults, employed and un-employed and children.

In this year 2012, the promotion of education has importance in our activities. Being the beginning of the academic year, our allotments were Rs.94,098 for issue of free uniforms and books and Rs. 21,144 for supply of free educational books. Our programmes will be continued further with more allotment in the future years. Our urgent programme in plan is weekend education-cum-vocational and income generating training for the married girls who are discontinuing education.

Medical Service to the people of India, especially to the needy people and our near and dear in cudalore district and surroundings of Tamil Nadu are very much required on all round Health care basis and as our part through our Indian Rural Development Association Trust we have done some medical service and we write to brief as follows FREE MEDICAL CAMPS FREE MEDICAL CAMPS: Medical camps as and when required were conducted to identify the beneficiaries and relief measures taken up by spending an amount of Rs.1,61,124 totally. The hopping movements by the doctors who conducted the cap, and the beneficiaries who are poor mass and the organizers MEDICAL AID TO HANDICAPPED
MEDICAL AID TO HANDICAPPED are to be highlighted here they deserved such help and our charity service made them to be benefited after spending Rs. 82,120 on two or three different days and camps.
Our Pleasure to convey our appreciation to the staff of our organisation for having suggested to this aid to accident victims. Their field work got completed after help to those victims and their suggestions are highlighted suitably and has become an encouragement to them to search for such activities which are kept idle without bringing to lime light. With this noble cause our trust has made efforts to spend an amount of Rs.13,000 totally and the beneficiaries are happy.
In a similar attempt the another noble cause we found to entertained is Free Medical Aid to poor and we ear marked rs.7,431 during this year 2012. An increase is expected in the future years ad our study made us to keep this activity on fast track cards.
Similarly the blood donation camps as usual are conducted and an amount of Rs 25, 254 was spent during the year 2012 and the beneficiaries are blessed by themselves and their wishes extended to us enlightened to continue the service in the near future.
Our efforts in bringing awareness on AIDS in our district we considered as a must. Being the district as tourist locations and business centre's, the floating population moving in our place become immaterial, whereas AIDS awareness a part of our responsibility as entertained at the appropriate, time, location and by service oriented staff and an amount of Rs. 64,245 was spent during this year 2011.


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