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Kayonza Child Development Centre

managed by K. CDC

About us

Kayonza Child Development Centre is a registred community based organisation working in the communities of Rakai District. We look after 230 vulnerable, orphaned children. We also offer Income generating skills to caregivers. We provide educational support, medical support and Pyscho-socio support. Kayonza CDC currently looks after 230 children and we are christ centered but supporting all children with out discrimination.
We are located in south western Uganda, and he population is depending on the subsistence farming where crops are grown for food. The basic family size in Kayonza is a minimum of nine people occupying 1/4 an acre of Land. The most families in Kayonza are migrants from Kisoro and Kabale districts. These people migrate due to land shortage in the native districts. The people are extremely poor surviving on 0.3 dollars a day. The rate of school drop out is high resulting from poverty and early marriages. Kayonza is located in the dry corridor hence there is shortage of Water and water borne diseases are high. Due to migrations, promiscuity and family break down is very high, this has made new HIV/AIDS infections very high and also the children are left in the hands of their mothers who have to fend for the children through doing manual labor. The women in Kayonza are illiterate because girls are not given opportunity to go to school as they are looked at as marriage objects.


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