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Love For Health

managed by D. Kintu

About us

Love for Health is a not-for-profit Organization registered in Uganda as a Non-government Organization whose obligation is to promote the health status of the vulnerable rural community and empower them with essential health messages as a tool in the promotion of health and eradication of harmful practices.
A healthy and productive rural African population living fruitful lives that contributes to social and economic growth and development of their nations.

To provide the highest possible level of health services to all the vulnerable rural African community through radio programs, community education programs and regular medical community outreaches, improved access to water and sanitation facilities, support medical education for children leading to medical careers and establishment of rural hospitals. To bring hope and salvation to people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Core Values
Transparency and Accountability
We believe in transparency and Accountability with regards to all matters pertaining to the organization. As such, our interactions will be transparent and open to scrutiny.
Efficiency and Effectiveness
Resources available to us are used optimally to ensure that programs are well delivered.
(a) To reduce Maternal Mortality & Child Mortality Rate;
(b) To reduce the Malnutrition rate and stunting among Children;
(c) To promote community based health care, nutrition, water and environmental sanitation among people in communities;
(d) To enhance preventive measures against HIV/AIDS and to provide quality care & support to those individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS;
(e) To empower the community with essential health messages as a tool in the promotion of health and eradication of harmful practices;

Kampala Head Office:
Main Post Office building
Plot 36 Kampala Road
P. O. Box 34520 Kampala, Uganda.
Telephone: +256 392 175 236
Mobile: +256 792 445 995


Arua District

D. Kintu

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