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Peduli Anak Cacat Flores (PAC Flores)

managed by Gero S.

About us

According to the United Nations, 'Every child has the right to an education.' That this right should apply to disabled children seems obvious to us in countries such as Germany and Austria. On the island of Flores in Indonesia , however, the plight of handicapped children can seem insurmountable. Life in the villages here is already difficult, throwing up innumerable obstacles, and for those disabled children who can make it to school the nightmare is compounded: modified paths and ramps, barrier-free toilets, as well as the equipment and educational materials with which the children could master school are all missing. As such, most children with disabilities are unable to attend school and spend their lives isolated in their villages where there is little support for them or their families. The cycle of poor education and poverty continues.

To counter the bleakness of life for these children, PAC Flores was founded this year: Peduli Anak Cacat Flores- Support for the Disabled Children of Flores.

Having spent considerable time in Indonesia, including a period living in a social institution on Flores, I know at first hand the immense need for a venture such as this. Along with friends local to Flores, this project hopes to steadily improve the situation for disabled children on the island through co-ordinated action, local advice and monetary actions.

Our first project is the conversion of a primary school which eight children in our care visit, but which lacks any disabled facilities for them.

As PAC Flores is still such an infant project, donations go directly through me to our co-ordinator Mr Ferdinandus Jelalu. Ferdi is a physical therapist who already works successfully with local disabled children.

The project is jointly run with Mr Charles Karayanto. Charles is the director of a small school for children from poor families. He is handicapped himself and has a particular and personal commitment to the implementation and success of this project.

As yet, PAC Flores lacks the secure financial basis needed to cover all costs. We are looking for individuals, schools and companies to help us realise our goals and we welcome any support given, financial or otherwise.

What is our goal?
"Through an emphasis on education, we aim to foster social and economic independence for the disabled children of Flores."

What are our tasks?
* to assist in the transportation of children to school
* to give advice to families of disabled children
* to support the design of educational facilities, accessible to all.

Latest project news

Für diese Bedarfe habe ich eine (Teil-)Auszahlung veranlasst:

  Gero S.  12 October 2015 at 04:11 PM

Die Gelder werden zum Umbau der Schule SDK Cancar II verwendet. Der Umbau ist bereits kurz vor dem Abschluss und ein Abschlussbericht mit Bildern wird folgen.

Es wurden 1.000,00 € Spendengelder für folgende Bedarfe beantragt:

Umbau der Grundschule SDK Cancar II 1.000,00 €
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