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GEMNET Global Emergency Medical Net

managed by a. afdjei

About us

The present situation in the world is that in case of natural disaster, all the emergency and medical corps around the world will not succeed to come to the disaster site within 72 hours at least, mainly because of political and organisational problems.
Visas, authorisations, international laws and political considerations are restrictions for quick intervention in another country.

Our proposal, Emergency physicians, is to create an International Emergency Medical Team to give a rapid response in case of natural disaster in less than 24 hour.
The GEMNET project is an international and multidisciplinary organisation with a rotating presidency situated at Geneva and would ideally be attached to the United Nations.
Composed by involved professionals in emergency and disasters, this organisation will be able to give an Automatic response and be at the disposability of the rescue team of the injured country.

The aim of this call is to gather all the professionals in emergency.
By your signature and support it will help this dream to become a reality and to propose GEMNET to the United Nations.

Thank you for joining us

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  a. afdjei  15 August 2008 at 01:00 PM
We are going to International disaster and Risk Conference 25 to 29 the of august. GEMNET needs huge work and we are doing on that way so it is difficult for us to write as we are focusing on the team work for Emergency network. but we will do our best to keep informed.
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