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Kra Global Footprint

managed by E. Kakraba

About us

Kra Global Footprint (KGFP) is a fully registered and incorporated legal entity by securing all the necessary document and procedures for establishing a Not-for-Profits/Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana (Reg. No. G-34,061). The organization received its certificate of incorporation to commence official operations in October 2010 after a series of humanitarian assistance initiatives by the founders to uplift the living standards of the rural poor, needy and vulnerable. The founders of KGFP’s strong believe and conviction in the age-old Ghanaian socio-cultural practices of community sharing and inter-dependencies, which serves as valuable and reliable social and economic safety nets for the needy, poor and vulnerable persons within various communities, provided the basis and motivation for establishing Kra Global Footprint to provide a platform necessary to reach out to a much wider range of the rural and deprived communities within the confines of Ghana. Kra Global Footprint (KGFP) is also affiliated to the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) an international non-profit organization based in Germany.
KGFP concentrate in the field of Cultural and Human Rights Advocacy focusing on such key thematic areas which we believe can provide us with a unique platform to work and positively have an impact and influence the lives of the needy, poor and vulnerable in Ghanaian communities as well as humanity in general. These thematic fields are presented below: Cross Cultural Awareness and Exchange, Anti-Human Trafficking/Migrants Smuggling, Youth Volunteerism and Empowerment, Career Development, Illiteracy & Health, Peace Building and Conflict Management and Nature Conservation.
Our current mandate has been categorized into the following:
Culture & Arts Advocacy
Safe-guarding the distinctive Economic, Political, Historical, Social (beliefs, customs, norms, values, practices etc.) of all Ethnic groups within Ghana and beyond
Intercultural competencies development and diversity management/Grass-root Cultural Diplomacy
Human/Minority Rights Advocacy
Anti-Human trafficking/Migrants smuggling
Indigenous and minorities’ socio-cultural, economic and political integration and empowerment


P O Box SK 874

E. Kakraba

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