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Since its foundation in 1922, the Medical Mission Institute has been committed to more health in the countries of the south. The main problems in these countries are the high maternal and child mortality rates, the lack of doctors and nursing staff as well as an insufficient number of hospitals and health posts. The strengthening of the health systems is urgently required.
The Medical Mission Institute focuses on further training as well as consultancy activities within the scope of its work priorities HIV/AIDS, global health, political advocacy, humanitarian cooperation, tropical medicine and appropriate technologies. The Institute also cares for people, who have fled their home countries.
In Germany, the Institute conducts regular training sessions for medical professionals in preparation for missions in mainly African countries. Our staff frequently travels to different countries in order to conduct training sessions for local health personnel. Furthermore, the Institute also ad

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  A. Fuß  04 March 2021 at 03:21 PM

Trinkwasser für Ijinga 
Um die Infektionskette der Schistosomen zu unterbrechen, brauchen die Inselbewohner Toiletten und Sanitäranlagen. Wir bohren weitere Brunnen und bauen Regenwasser-Sammelanlagen. 

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